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"For Instruction shall come forth from Zion, The word of the L-rd from Jerusalem." -- Isaiah 2:3


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GENESIS | 1:1 beginning — Rabbi Elazar said, A good heart. Pirkei ...

Rabbi Elazar said, A good heart. Pirkei Avot II:13-14  This seems to denote a spontaneous, open love for the good everywhere, an intuitive grasp of what is good in every situation, and a desire for it.  This would appear to have little to do with reason or intelligence. As people say, “The heart has its reasons that reason does not know.” [Blasé Bascal (1623-1662), Pensees, iv. 277]  If someone can cultivate within himself such an educated perception and appreciation of the good, then he has, indeed, the “master key.”  This is the “good way” to take in life, that includes within it all other good ways.  It is the “royal road” to spiritual achievement.  The Five Books of Moses end with the letter lamed Deuteronomy 34:12 and begin with the letter beth.  [this verse]. Put them together and you have the word lev, heart.  This is indeed the most crucial organ of all.  For Judaism the heart symbolizes the seat of freedom, the decision-making element in man.  He who has a “good heart” has won all.  He who has an “evil heart” has lost the innermost citadel.  SINAI1 181


Source Key (i.e. FENDEL: Fendel, The Ethical Personality)SINAI1
Word (i.e. bless)beginning
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