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"For Instruction shall come forth from Zion, The word of the L-rd from Jerusalem." -- Isaiah 2:3


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NUMBERS — 2:20 generations

It was taught: R. Shmuel b. Nachmani said in the name of R. Yonathan: If one teaches his friend's son Torah, it is as if he had begotten him; for it is written; "And these are the generations of Aaron and Moses," followed by (3): "These are the names of the sons of Aaron"--To teach that Aaron begot them and Moses taught them, for which reason they are called by his [Moses'] name (Sanhedrin 19b)

NUMBERS — 5:10 they

R. Yochanan said: If one has terumoth and ma'asroth [tithes] and does not give them to the priest, in the end he himself will have need of them [i.e., he will have recourse to the tithes for the poor], as it is written: "and a man [midrashically: 'who withholds'] his holy things, to him shall they be" [forthcoming from others, viz., as the tithe for the poor] (Berachoth 63a)

NUMBERS — 5:29 rancors

It was taught: He shall warn her: not in the midst of frivolity, or casual talk, or light-headedness, or strife, or fright [But in reasoned, serious manner]. If he did warn her in one of the above states, what is the halachah? It is as we have said: Wherever "statute" or "law" is mentioned, the halachah is categorical [i.e., if not observed as stated, it is non-ineffective] (Yerushalmi Sotah 1:1)

NUMBERS — 6:25 gracious

Let Him be gracious unto you in [the granting of] your requests, as it is written (Exodus 33:19): "And I shall be gracious to whom I shall be gracious." Another view: "And be gracious unto you"-- let him grant you grace in the eyes of men, as it is written (Genesis 39:21): "And He granted him grace in the eyes of the overseer of the prison" (Sifrei)

NUMBERS — 10:36 thousands

R. Dostai expounded: And when it rested, he said"" -- This teaches us that the Shechinah does not rest upon fewer than two thousand and two ten thousands of Israel. So that if Israel were two thousand and two ten thousands less one, and there were a pregnant woman among them, who could complete the number, and a dog barked at her and caused her to miscarry -- it would emerge that this one [the owner of the dog] had caused the Shechinah to depart from Israel -- whence it was ruled: One may not keep a dog unless it is chained (Bava Kamma 83b)

NUMBERS — 10:36 thousands

The Rabbis taught: And when it rested, he said: Return, O L-rd, -- to the ten thousands thousands of Israel"-- This teaches us that the Shechinah does not rest upon fewer than two thousand and two ten thousands of Israel. So that if Israel were two thousand and two ten thousands less one, it would emerge that one who did not fulfill the command to be fruitful and multiply caused the Shechinah to depart from Israel (Yevamoth 64a)

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