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"For Instruction shall come forth from Zion, The word of the L-rd from Jerusalem." -- Isaiah 2:3


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EXODUS — 2:3 reeds

Why "reeds" [a relatively inferior material]? R. Elazar said: From here it is derived that the righteous value their money more than their lives [or, in this case, more than the lives of their children]. And why so? For they do not stretch forth their hands to steal. R. Shmuel b. Nachmani said: Because reed is pliable and can withstand both soft and hard objects. (Sotah 12a)

EXODUS — 2:4 stood

"As one measures, so is it measured under him." Miriam waited for her brothers; for this reason, the Jews waited for her in the desert, as it is written (Numbers 11:15): "And the people did not journey until Miriam had been taken back." And "The good measure [i.e.., that of reward for the first measure] is greater," for she waited for a short time, whereas the Jews waited seven days for her (Sotah 9b, 11a).

EXODUS — 2:23 was

It was taught: Because of five things, the Jews were redeemed from Egypt: Because of the "end" as it is written: "And it was in those many days"; because of affliction, as it is written: "And they screamed"; because of their cries, as it is written: "And G-d heard their cries"; Because of the merit of their fathers, as it is written: "And G-d remembered His covenant"; because of repentance, as it is written: "And G-d saw… and G-d knew" [that they had repented] (Yerushalmi Ta'anith 1:1)

EXODUS — 4:20 rode

It was taught in the school of R. Yismael: Let one always speak in clean language; for in respect to a male zav [one with a genital emission], Scripture refers to his riding as "merkav" [connoting straddling, with legs apart], whereas in respect to a female, Scripture refers to her riding as "moshav" [connoting "side-saddle," with legs together]. But is it not written: "And Moses took his wife and his sons as he rode them [vayarkiveim (as in "merkav"!)]. The term there is use for its appropriateness in respect to his sons (Pesachim 3b).

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