"There were more sources, but there was no more time." -- Leon Wieseltier, Kaddish

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Contributors - Please Help Us By Adding Excerpts!

Please help to expand this website by transcribing already-indexed excerpts from a book on Jewish ethics in our list of source and/or by indexing and transcribing sources not already identified.   

Please see "Transcribed Sources" on Search Engine page.  To transcribe  already-indexed sources, all you need do is to obtain a copy of the book (usually available on-line for less than $10) and type (or dictate, such as by using Word's built-in dictation function) the pertinent (ethics-related) excerpts into an Excel spreadsheet template that we will provide, along with further instructions.  

This is an enjoyable and educational process that takes roughly 15-25 hours per source book.

For more information, please email Rabbi Dr. Art Levine and Dylan Lopez.

Thank you for your prospective interest in facilitating the dissemination of ethical knowledge and behavior!
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